What To Do When You Have A Boiler Emergency On Your Hands

Posted on: 5 February 2020

The boiler is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. It keeps your home warm and gives you hot water to use when you are showering or using the sink. So when it suddenly stops working, it is normal to panic. You may feel frustrated and concerned about not having any heat on a cold day and not being able to take a warm shower. When you have a problem like this that occurs, you need immediate assistance because you have a boiler emergency. You would need to contact a company that handles boiler emergencies to work on figuring out what is going on with your boiler.

What Would Make a Boiler Stop Working?

Before looking into more complex issues, experts with experience working on boilers would first need to check the thermostat. Sometimes the problem is not the boiler itself, but the thermostat attached to it that breaks. If you have a broken thermostat, the boiler may have stopped working properly because there is no exact temperature set. You would need to have a replacement thermostat installed.

Although the thermostat is an issue that can occur, it is not the only reason why a boiler would stop producing the heat that you are relying on. You could have an issue with the water pressure or a sediment buildup that is keeping the boiler from running. Different components inside the boiler may have stopped working due to typical wear and tear that occurs over the years. These components include the motorized valves and the heat exchanger. The experts will complete an inspection and test different equipment to identify the issues that are going on.

What Happens If a New Boiler Is Needed?

When a boiler breaks down and is no longer worth fixing because the damage to it is too severe, getting a new boiler installed is a necessity. If you do need to get a new boiler, the experts will go over your options with you because there are several types of boilers, including hot water, electric, and oil boilers. You can also find out which size is most suitable to get for your home based on usage. You can get help selecting a reliable new boiler and have it installed quickly to avoid going without hot water and heat for too long.

If a boiler emergency occurs, get help with that emergency as soon as you can. Without a functioning boiler, your access to heat and hot water is limited or even non-existent. After contacting the company to help you, they will send experts to inspect your boiler, diagnose issues, and offer the best solution to you.


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