Four Reasons To Consider Buying An Industrial Amphibious UTV Instead Of A Typical Crawler Carrier

Posted on: 21 May 2020

If you have ongoing construction projects in hard-to-reach locations, you are likely using or thinking about purchasing a crawler carrier. Although these machines can get workers and equipment to many places, the new design of an industrial amphibious utility vehicle (UTV) has many advantages over the more traditional designs of crawler carriers. The following are just a few reasons to consider these vehicles.

They can travel over water

This is a huge advantage over other crawler carriers. If there is a body of water that is a barrier to a worksite, other transport equipment will need to find a way around it. The amphibious UTV simply goes over it. The large tires present a tremendous water displacement to any body of water, so the UTV floats on top while its moving tires propel it over the surface of the water. This is a distinct advantage over other industrial crawlers.

They can travel through mud

Getting stuck in the mud is always an issue with a wet surface, and due to the weight of crawler carriers, there is always the problem of getting stuck in a muddy area. Amphibious vehicles are less likely to have this problem because of the large tires. However, these tires can be deflated to a minimum amount to give greater traction in the mud when needed. This is done from the driver's control panel. The tires can be reinflated to a maximum from the same panel when needed for a water surface.

They are designed for both people and tools

Perhaps the most important reason for using this type of vehicle is to transport people and tools. Some crawler carriers are designed more for tools than people, but these new amphibious UTVs can do both. Some are designed for only people and can transport a small crew to a worksite, while others can transport fewer people but have a bed allowing for tools to be transported, too.

They are less destructive to the land

When traveling, these new UTVs do not leave as big of a footprint on the ground they are traveling over. Most crawlers use tracks with grousers attached, similar to those used by bulldozers and other heavy construction equipment. But because the amphibious UTVs use tires, they leave an imprint that is not as deep and long-lasting as the common crawler carrier.

An industrial amphibious utility vehicle is an ideal machine for transportation to remote construction sites. They offer flexibility to transport people, tools or both. They can move easily over water and mud, and they can move over steep inclines. They even leave a smaller footprint on the land than a traditional crawler carrier. It is certainly worth looking at them before your next purchase of an industrial transportation utility vehicle.

To learn more, contact an industrial amphibious UTV supplier.


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