Equipment To Make Your Loading Dock More Efficient

Posted on: 3 June 2020

If you have a loading dock and a lot of freight moving on and off the dock, you need to have the right equipment to keep things moving and make things more efficient. There are some common items that you should have on your loading dock, and not all of them require a large budget.

Manual Pallet Jacks

There are many different options for moving pallets around your dock, but one of the most cost-effective options is a manual pallet jack. These jacks can lift a pallet a few inches off the floor with a few pumps on the handle and allow you to easily move the pallet around the dock or to a location in your warehouse or facility. 

The cost of a pallet jack can be extremely reasonable, and most jacks will lift five-thousand pounds of freight and allow one person to move it around without help. If you need more capacity, there are pallet jacks that are long enough to move two pallets at one time, and the lifting capacity is higher, but so is the price of the jack. 

Electric Pallet Jacks 

For businesses with a lot of freight to move from the dock over a long distance, for instance in a large warehouse, an electric pallet jack may be a better option. The design is similar to the manual jack in that it only lifts the pallet off the floor a few inches, but the jack uses an electric motor to move it and allows the operator to ride on a platform and the front of the pallet jack. 

The electric motor also operates the hydraulics that raises and lower the jack. If you need to move a lot of pallets, several electric pallet jacks and a couple of skilled operators can unload a truck and move the freight quickly. 

Hand Trucks and Small Equipment

It is vital that you have small equipment on the dock that helps make the job easier. A hand truck or dolly is handy for moving a few boxes from the dock to your facility's specific department or area. 

Often, small items like barrel dollies and small carts are overlooked for use on the dock, but many things do not require a large pallet jack or forklift to move efficiently. Taking some time to talk to a representative of the equipment company about the things you move daily is an excellent way to determine what equipment might make the flow of materials smoother through your dock. 

Reach out to a professional who provides dock equipment to learn more. 


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