Tips To Help Families Enjoy Your Backyard Pool All Summer

Posted on: 1 July 2020

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day then taking a dip in the pool. Kids and adults alike enjoy splashing and cooling off in a well-kept pool. For many families, a backyard pool is just a simple above-ground structure that requires little maintenance.

So, how do you care for a pool to ensure your family can enjoy it safely all summer? Here are a few tips.

The Basics

Anyone who has ever had a backyard pool most likely knows the basics. A pool net is needed to clean debris, like leaves, out of the water, and a cover can keep anything unwanted out.

Chlorine is another basic need for a backyard pool. Chlorine kills infections, viruses, and other bacteria, so it's essential for maintaining a family pool and keeping germs away.

One of the easiest ways to use chlorine in small backyard pools is to use tabs. The tabs dissolve while floating around in a holder while the pool is not in use. Just follow instructions on the tabs for how and when to use them.

The Pool Pump

The pool pump is the heart of any backyard pool. It keeps the water clean by pulling it through a skimmer and main drain and allowing it to push through a filter before returning to the pool. The pump has three main parts: motor, impeller, and hair and lint trap.

The pump shouldn't run 24/7. Three factors determine when the pump should run, and these are the time of day, size of the pool in gallons, and energy cost. Keep in mind that most residential pools only require using the pump once a day for proper filtration or twice a day if the pool has heavy use.

Choosing a pump that is the correct size is essential as well. You can use a pool pump calculator to help determine which pump to get and how often to run it based on the size of the pool you have. 

To learn more about pool pumps, contact a resource like Speck Pumps.

Other Tips

One way to maintain a clean pool is to have swimmers clean their feet before entering the pool. This cuts down on dirt and debris floating in the water.

Use test strips and kits to test pool chemistry one or twice a week. Maintaining proper pH levels helps eliminate the buildup of scum.

Clean the lint trap on the pool pump every day after it runs. This trap collects hair, lint, and other debris, so you want to keep it clear so it can continue to do its job properly.

Small backyard pools are easy to care for, but if you have a larger pool or need help, any pool business can help with questions you may have.


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