Keys To Renting Beam Lifts For Large Material Transportation

Posted on: 3 May 2021

If you have to manipulate a large object or heavy materials in a confined space, a beam lift rental is probably your best option for success. These lifts can be configured successfully around confined areas and still provide uninterrupted movement. Just be aware of these rental tips so that this investment is a good addition to your material transportation operations. 

Review Lifting Capacity

In order to safely lift materials with a beam lift rental, it needs to be configured to support the weight that you'll be hauling. If it isn't, then you could experience beam lift damage that then affects how the lift performs going forward.

If you carefully analyze the weight totals that you know will come into play when moving materials or objects, then you can find a beam lift that's more than powerful enough to support these totals. You won't force the lift into working harder than it was designed to.

Examine Lifting Environment

The environment where material lifting and transportation are taking place needs to be studied carefully. Otherwise, you may get a lift that's just too large to work effectively. Spend a lot of time focusing on the available headroom that you'll be dealing with.

Then you'll be able to get a beam lift rental that supports this headroom and keeps damage from happening to the beam lift and materials being transported. Analyzing the lifting environment also lets you figure out what special properties the beam lift might need to avoid damage. 

Make Sure Precision Placement Is Offered

You will probably have particular areas where you want materials transported around your work site. That requires a beam lift rental that can deliver precision placement each time. Wherever your materials need to go, the lift needs to get the materials there and do so in a refined way.

You shouldn't have to worry about the beam lift rental bumping into other structures or even workers for that matter. A beam lift that has electrical controls to support different movements will aid your transportation operations. Each movement the lift performs will be purposeful and ultimately help you avoid hazards.

Ordering a beam lift for a temporary project where materials are moved isn't a difficult process to deal with. All it takes finding the type of crane you need, and then material transportation will be executed and controlled every step of the way. 

Contact a supplier of beam lift rentals to learn more.


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