5 Ways Warehouse Pedestrian Detection Systems Help Your Bottom Line

Posted on: 1 October 2021

When considering an investment in a pedestrian detection system, warehouse owners and managers generally focus on how it can improve worker safety. But it can also improve your bottom line. How? Here are a few important ways. 

1. It Promotes Efficient Use

When your warehouse has a lot of forklift and pedestrian activity, you have to slow down activity and move people farther apart to prevent conflicts and accidents. You might gain safety, but the cost is a loss of efficiency in your warehouse. With a pedestrian detection system, the increased safety features allow you to use trucks and people in closer proximity and at a faster pace. 

2. It Doesn't Require Reconfiguration

What if you could significantly improve safety without having to invest in new infrastructure or reorganize your warehouse? Detection systems work in a variety of ways, often being able to operate safely through barriers like walls and pallet racks. You can continue with operations as normal, and you can alter the layout of your detection system any time your warehouse's needs change. 

3. You Lose Fewer Days

While the cost of an accident in terms of worker injury is the biggest concern during safety planning, don't discount the cost in dollars to the warehouse. Workers who cannot come to work slow down the function of the warehouse — and generally cost the employer both payroll dollars and workers' compensation dollars. Anything a company can do to make them safer means fewer days trying to make up for lost labor hours. 

4. Your Reputation Is Enhanced

People want to work for an employer who values them and their safety. Warehouses often have trouble enticing quality employees in a tight labor market. Any investment in them makes the employer more popular for both current workers and potential new hires. Warehouse staff spread reports by word of mouth, and good reports help you recruit more. Your safety-conscious reputation can also impress customers. 

5. It Makes Up for Human Error

Warehouse personnel do their best to work safely, but human error happens. When things are happening quickly or when you have a lot of new staff, people can forget proper procedures or can skip steps. The automated nature of a detection system helps make up for these lapses. This protects equipment, inventory, and staff. It means less time spent on safety training, fewer meetings about mishaps, and less agency oversight. 

Want To Know More?

Ready to learn more about how a warehouse pedestrian detection system can help reduce costs and boost efficient operation? Start by meeting with a provider in your area today, such as Hit Not.


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