4 Factors That Affect Industrial Hydraulic Hoses

Posted on: 14 June 2022

Hydraulic hoses convey various fluids in industrial applications. However, some factors influence how hydraulic hoses function. Take care of these factors, and your hydraulic hose will serve you reliably.

1. Pressure

The pressure exerted on a hydraulic hose depends on the type of fluid flowing in it and the speed at which it flows. If you want fluids that flow at high rates, you need an industrial hydraulic hose that can withstand the pressure exerted on its walls without breaking. In addition, you need to ensure that the joints are strong enough that they don't cause leakages.

Also, the hydraulic hose you select should withstand vacuum pressure from either end to ensure that it does not collapse once subjected to vacuum suction. Finally, you should know the internal diameter of the hydraulic hose you intend to use as it affects how much fluid flows through, as well as the resulting pressure.

2. Temperature

When determining the best hydraulic hose for your applications, you need to consider the temperatures in which it will operate and the temperature of the fluid it will deliver. Extreme hot and cold temperatures affect the physical properties of the materials used to make industrial hydraulic hoses when exposed for an extended period.

Extreme temperatures and overexposure degrade the lifespan of your hose. Therefore, regularly inspect your industrial hydraulic hose assemblies for any deterioration. Address any signs of damage to prevent interruption of industrial operations.

3. Types of Fluids

Industrial hydraulic hoses can carry different fluids, including fertilizer solutions, pesticides, fuel, and industrial hydraulic fluids. Not all hoses are compatible with these materials. Choosing the wrong hose will cause its lining to deteriorate and eventually result in losses.

Thus, take some time to research the best hydraulic hose for the industrial hydraulic hose material you intend to use and its relative lifespan.

4. Customization

Custom hydraulic hoses are industrial hoses designed for your equipment and your applications. The advantage of custom hoses is that they fit into your equipment more than generic hydraulic hoses while still complying to design standards. In addition, custom industrial hydraulic hoses are designed to give your machinery better performance and safety.

In addition, custom hydraulic hoses have a longer life span as you can eliminate aspects such as twists and turns. For example, you can get extra reinforcement, such as a spiral wire lattice which strengthens industrial hydraulic hoses.


The above factors are essential when selecting an industrial hydraulic hose. Getting each of them right is crucial if you want smooth industrial operations. If you want to make the best decision for your hydraulic hoses, you can always contact a professional in the field for advice. For more information, reach out to a local service such as Air & Hose Source Inc.


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