Case IH Equipment: Training Materials, Online Support, And Dealer Interactions

Posted on: 9 August 2022

Training materials, online support, and dealer interactions can guide you in replacing parts on your harvester, tractor, or another Case IH piece of machinery. Some modern equipment requires software and specialized fluids. All Case IH parts are designed with quality and performance in mind.

Training Materials

Training materials prepare a hobby farmer or a commercial farmer to operate the equipment that they will need to plant and harvest crops. Training material may be in a video or written format. Each material is designed to put a person's unease at rest, as they learn how to set up and operate the new farming equipment that they have invested in. Using training materials will reduce mishaps, which could lead to improper land clearing and planting techniques.

A dealership will feature manuals and training materials. A customer will need to provide the make and model of the farming equipment that they own. If a new customer hasn't made a purchase yet but knows what type of machinery they would like to invest in, they can provide the category of the equipment and can request training materials through the dealer who oversees a dealership within the region where the new farming equipment will be utilized.

Support And Dealer Interactions

Technical support can help a customer target a problem, learn how to make a repair, or receive guidance with ordering agricultural material. All of the accessories and mechanical materials that are needed to operate Case IH equipment are listed on a manufacturer's webpage. A new farming individual or professional may be entirely unfamiliar with how various parts interact with one another.

A technical support team member's job is to make the customer experience stress-free. They will point a customer in the right direction so that they can quickly make a repair or purchase a material that is essential for the operation of a particular agricultural machine. A dealer is someone who represents the Case IH brand. This person can inspect equipment and offer advice about upgrading equipment or having vital repairs made to a machine.

A dealer may also offer live demonstrations. A customer may need a tractor or another piece of equipment, but be uncertain about the horsepower or motor configuration that will be best equipped for the farming operations that they will be performing. They can contact a local dealer and inquire about the machinery. A dealer will make an appointment to meet with the person, to provide a demonstration that highlights how the equipment operates.

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