Thread Gages For Industrial Use: Common FAQ

Posted on: 15 January 2020

Hand tools are a big part of many industrial operations, though hand tools get far less attention than the larger industrial pieces of equipment. One of the most commonly used types of hand tools in an industrial operation is a tool that is used to do manual measurements of fasteners. Thread gages, which can also be referred to as pitch gages or thread plug gages, allow the user to measure the pitch between the threads on a screw, so they serve an important purpose. Here is a quick look at some of the most common questions about thread gages and the answers you should know. 

What are thread gages made out of?

Thread gages are most often fabricated out of steel and metal alloys. You can find lightweight gages that are designed to be easy to handle that are made out of aluminum alloy or even some copper or tin. However, these lightweight units tend to bend easier and may not last as long as those units that are crafted out of steel, which means the steel versions are more popular. 

How is the thread gage properly maintained?

To properly maintain a thread gage that is used on a regular basis in your business operation, you should: 

  • Make sure the gages are kept clean after each use
  • Store the gages in a dry place like a toolbox when not in use 
  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines about using the thread gage 
  • Avoid using the gage on excessively hot fasteners before they have properly cooled 

It is a good idea to periodically wipe down the gage with a tool-cleaning solution and allow it to properly dry before storage. 

Are there different types of thread plug gages?

There are many different types of thread plug gages. Primarily, you can find these gages in multiple sizes, which is often necessary if there are numerous types of fasteners that you measure in your operation. Standard gages are the most common, but you can also find gages that are made for metric or imperial measurements. 

How durable are these gages?

As long as the hand tools are properly maintained, they can last a really long time. The metal bodies of the gage and the fasteners that hold the different measuring mechanisms together are highly resilient. Just make sure you consistently follow usage directions and never put a lot of pressure on the tool while it is in use. 


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