Common Repairs On Different Types Of Industrial Dust Collectors

Posted on: 17 January 2020

There are at least four different main types of industrial dust collectors. Each of these handles dust collection best for different industries. When a dust collector breaks down or fails to collect all the dust it should, employees can become very sick. It is important to repair your dust collector as soon as possible. Here are some of the more common repairs for each of the main types of dust collection machines. 

Cyclonic Collector

This type of collector, which looks like a tiny inverted missile, incorporates centrifugal force to collect dust and pull it from the air inside your factory. The centrifuge inside these machines is often what needs attention when they need repair. Either the engine that powers the centrifuge or the centrifuge itself is what will need repair or replacement. Without these components, the cyclonic collector will not work at all. 

Baghouse Collector

As the name suggests, these machines collect dust and filter it through and into bags typically encased in steel structures. The bags can eventually wear out or tear (if they are the reusable kind), or the vacuum components and/or pressurized air components can wear out. The result is not enough suction, even when the parts continue to operate. The broken parts will act as though they are working, which is deceptive, since they are not working to capacity or working at all. If this happens, they will need to be replaced.

Cartridge Collector

Instead of bags, cartridge dust collectors have long, cylindrical filtering cartridges that are inserted in one side of the machine. These have to be replaced often, and they are usually inserted and twisted in place to lock. The locks can be damaged in such a way that a cartridge may get stuck or not insert and lock into place. Other repairs that may be needed with these collectors occur in the ventilation sections of the unit or in the fans that help remove particulates from the air. 

Compact Collector

Imagine at least two of the above dust collectors combined into one and downsized to fit into a smaller space. That is what these compact collectors are. Unfortunately, any time you take a much larger machine and try to make it smaller, you are going to have more parts break down. Most of those parts are internal, particularly with the engine and suction or fan systems. The whole collector has to be taken apart to get to those malfunctioning components and replace them. 

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