3 Risks Associated With An Empty Heating Oil Tank

Posted on: 29 September 2022

You may find yourself tempted at some point to postpone your heating oil delivery in order to free up money for other expenses. This might seem like a positive thing, but allowing your heating oil tank to run dry could pose serious problems in the future. Many of these problems are costly to address.

Learn more about the risks associated with an empty heating oil tank so that you will be able to see the importance of maintaining a regular delivery schedule for your home. 

1. Clogs

Allowing your tank to run dry could lead to clogs that will limit the delivery of heating oil to your furnace in the future. There is a layer of sludge that sits on the bottom of your tank when heating oil reserves run dry. This sludge can find its way into the oil filter.

A clogged oil filter can reduce the efficiency of your heating system and even cause the system to fail completely. Tank sludge could also clog up the fuel nozzles responsible for regulating the flow of heating oil into your furnace.

The only way to avoid clogs once a tank has been emptied of its heating oil is to have a professional clean the tank out.

2. Damaged HVAC Equipment

Because an empty heating oil tank can allow sludge into the oil filter, all of the components within your home's heating system are at risk of sustaining damage when you have an empty tank.

A clogged oil filter will not be able to remove debris and sediment from the oil supply. This debris will eventually find its way into your furnace and fuel lines, creating a serious problem over time.

Debris can cause your heating unit to break down without any warning. Replacing a damaged heating unit can be costly and inconvenient.

3. Condensation

The more empty space there is within your heating oil tank, the more condensation will become a concern.

Condensation that forms on the interior surface of your tank can compromise the quality of any heating oil that is placed into the tank. When the moisture from condensation mixes with heating oil, sludge is created.

Condensation can also pose a threat to the structural integrity of your tank. Moisture can cause the interior surface to corrode and weaken the metal used to construct your tank. If corrosion gets too severe, you will need to replace your tank with a new one.

For more information, contact a heating oil service


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