Would A Mobile Crane Be More Appropriate For Your Jobsite?

Posted on: 12 January 2023

Cranes are available in mobile and non-mobile forms. Non-mobile cranes are the ones that are installed in one spot at your worksite, while mobile cranes are on wheels (and sometimes on a wheeled platform). For many construction projects, a non-mobile crane that's fixed in one spot is necessary, such as during skyscraper construction. However, if you have a smaller project that needs a smaller crane, you may want to look at mobile cranes. You can rent these and have them delivered and picked up just as you would a fixed crane, but the whole process can be much easier on your schedule and budget.

When You Don't Have the Budget for Multiple Cranes

If you need to get more than one crane but just don't have the budget, a mobile crane might solve that problem. Since mobile cranes can be moved, you can use the crane in multiple spots throughout the project, and even over the course of one day. If you don't need the huge fixed cranes you see in major construction projects, one mobile crane may easily take the place of two, three, and possibly more cranes, depending on what needs to be done. When you're one with one task, you can move the crane to the next area. Mobile cranes are still big, so try to group tasks together in one spot. But they aren't the hardest things to move, so if it turns out you have to keep bringing it back to a particular spot, you'll be able to do so.

When the Job You Have Is Small

Fixed cranes take a while to set up, and their bases can take up a lot of room on the ground. If you're dealing with a fairly small construction job, the amount of time needed can seem out of proportion. Maybe you just need a smaller crane so you can take care of some things, and then it's going right back to the rental company. There's little reason to have a fixed crane installed for such a short time. A mobile crane would make more sense.

When You Need Faster Setup and Breakdown

Speaking of taking a while to set up: If your construction project is on a very tight schedule, or you're getting the crane at a point where you'd have to have it removed very quickly from the site, then a mobile crane is a much better choice. Mobile cranes don't need much setup or breakdown time at all, whereas a fixed crane can take several hours, if not days, to set up and remove. When your time frame does not allow for such things, a mobile crane may be an answer.

Contact crane services that rent mobile cranes to find out more about how they're brought to your worksite (some can be driven there themselves) and what sizes are available. With a mobile crane, your construction project may go a lot faster than you had thought it would.


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